Here’s to the girl whose wardrobe is as wild and free as her spirit. Here’s to the girl who runs where the wind takes her and always carries a piece of everywhere she travels in her heart.  Here’s to the girl whose taste changes with her moods but always seems to find the perfect outfit to reflect her unique style.
At Hope Ave, we focus on finding clothes and jewelry that match the creative, adventurous energy of the girls and women who shop at our boutique. We want to help our customers find their next favorite outfit—or outfits.
Of course, seasons change and so do trends and preferences, so we make it our mission to provide a constant supply of new, boho chic modern fashion so you can always keep on top of your favorite new trends while wearing clothes that show off your personality. Our new arrivals page features the newest items we’ve added to our collection all in one convenient place to make it easy for you to add new favorites to your wardrobe.
From flowing tops and dresses to graphic tees and necklaces, at the Hope Ave boutique and online store we offer a wide variety of clothing and jewelry so our customers can visit our boutiques with their girlfriends and all walk away with outfits they love without everyone buying the exact same thing. Enjoy shopping together while celebrating your own unique style. No matter whether you love florals, stripes, denim, embroidery, or a mix of it all, you and your girlfriends are sure to find items you’ll wear time and time again.

So stop on by one of our many locations with a friend or browse through our online selection. We frequently update our site with our new arrivals, especially when the seasons change, so check back often to find your new favorite outfit.