Meridian Idaho Location

Meet Us

Maegan – Manager, Hope Ave,Meridian

How long have you been with Hope Ave? Since Feburary 2016. What’s your favorite thing about working for Hope Ave? My favorite thing about working at Hope Ave, is the company itself. The vision, the mission, the empowerment. What they do for their employees and their customers. I’ve never felt more valued or listened to when working with a corporation. Also, the connections I get to make and the women I get to meet. My regular shoppers are my favorite! We know each other lives, and shopping together is more like catching up after not seeing each other! What’s your favorite Ice Cream Flavor? I despise ice cream, but sherbet is my favorite frozen yogurt flavor  Describe your style to us: My style definitely ranges on a day to day basis. I can be anywhere from traditional, preppy, tomboy, bohemian, where every day takes me! I love exploring and mixing styles. Tell us one fun fact about you: I have 2 fur babies, both husky mixes. One is a pit bull/husky, and the other is border collie/husky, both rescues. They are my life!