World Emoji Day

Join us in celebrating Emojis for World Emoji Day. July 17th is an extra special day where we can celebrate the fun form of expressing ourselves through cute symbols. ( Fun Fact: July 17th was chosen because it is the date listed on the calendar emoji.) SO, here are a few ways you can get your emoji celebration started.

1.Only use Emojis to Text

Although this could confuse some of your gal pals, try only communicating through emojis and see how far you can get! Challenge your family and friends to try this too and see if you can make sense of their texts!

  1. Host an Emoji party

Who doesn’t love the salsa dancing woman or the heart eye smiley face? Send out an invite to all of your friends and tell them to dress up as their favorite emojis.

  1. Print out this fun Emoji Banner

Put this cute printable on your desk for a lil’ reminder of your emoji love. Download Fo Free Instructions below:

    • First, to save to your desktop: right click > select “Save Image to Downloads” or “Save Image As…”
    • Next, open the file and right click, select “Print”.

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