What Turning Three Means To Us

January 25, 2018


Today marks three years since Hope Ave grew from an idea into our first store, and we can’t help but take a step back and admire the memories and friendships we’ve made on this journey.

Three courageous women took on the pursuit of Hope Ave with determination, grit, and a vision, lined with dreams of individuality and empowerment.  These aspects are woven throughout our brand, and because of that, Hope Ave became more than a store, but a way to express oneself. It became proof that anything is possible, that if you combine those three elements, a dream can become reality.

To say this was done without a few bumps in the road would be a lie. As we sat and reminisced about each store opening, we all had experiences that were unforgettable. From stamping logos on thousands of bags, to a flooded store (shout out to American Fork, we good!), ceilings falling down (literally the ceiling), to oil leaking all over the beautiful new wood floor, we have seen it all. BUT, what we have learned from all of this is that it’s the people who you surround yourself with that positively impact your reality.

Our first store had a hope that, when each person walked into it, they would feel a little better walking down their next avenue. Discussion after discussion, we cultivated what we felt the world was missing, a place that caters to the wondrous and wild. A place for women who can’t wait to take on the next adventure. This store then became ten stores and an online store. Our goal is to keep the connections growing with every Avenue we open and foster a place where women can connect, support, and uplift each other. We grow with these connections. We take on more perspectives, more strengths, and more passions.  Hope Ave wouldn’t be the same without the amazing team and customers, who are always the source of our inspiration.


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