Bohemian style is unique to each designer because is it unconventional, non-conformative, and is really an expression of your boho soul. Unleash your free spirit to pick and choose bohemian pieces to transform your home into a reflection of truth, beauty, freedom, and love.

Get Bold with Patterns and Risky with Color

Forget playing it safe with neutral and conventionally compatible colors, decorate with colors that speak to your inner gypsy. Go bold with patterns, mix and match to your heart’s desire, and introduce new color combinations to liven up social gathering areas.

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Live Out Loud with Art

Art is life and a blank wall is death by dull. Begin by honing your art taste, pick up pieces you enjoy at antique stores, local galleries, even college art sales can have great finds. Consider starting a collage wall of your favorite pieces where you can always see and enjoy them. Follow Hope Avenue on Instagram for inspirations of design to get your bohemian juices flowing.

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Tell A Story Through Your Furniture

Hand-painted antique furniture, funky refinished tables, and uniquely shaped armoires do more than just hold items, they are a narrative of your sacred space. Use a rug or an eccentric clothing item for the backdrop to your bed in place of a headboard, purposely mismatch dressers in your room, or even turn your classically plain furniture into your own bohemian coming out piece.

blue bohemian furniture

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Accessorize with Flare

You’ve got your art, colors, and patterned fabrics so now it is time to add in some different textures to really solidify your bohemian bungalow status. Add some metals, beads, fringe, and colored glass to add that extra flare you need. Accompany that with just the right soft lighting and your alternative palace is complete.

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Don’t stop at your home, convert your wardrobe to match your newfound freedom of expression. Shop for stylish clothing and jewelry at Hope Ave and unleash your inner bohemian.

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