Tell us about yourself:
Hi there, we are Kristen De Oliviera & Madison Annis. We are sisters living in Northern Utah and together we are building our dream business! 
We own Beauty Mavens Collective which is a brand, an esthetic studio in downtown SLC, a podcast (Beauty Mavens Podcast), and a blog. We are obsessed with all things beauty & have found passion in empowering women to dream big & reach their goals! We have made it our personal mission to provide all the best resources to our beauty professionals to help them become MAVENS (experts) in their beauty business. 
What got you interested in this field?
We were both attracted to the lifestyle and business that you can create for yourself in the beauty industry.  The fact that we could be our own boss, make our own schedules, and basically hang out with girlfriends all day? It sounded to good to be true! Our parents, both entrepreneurs,  taught us from a young age how to work hard but play even harder. We spent our summers running our parents food truck at all the events around town. Growing up and seeing the freedom both financially and physically that our family was blessed with due to our parents business's was inspiring and really pushed us to find that for ourselves and now our own families. 
Where do you get your inspiration?
Inspiration comes in so many different ways! Whether it's being outside in the mountains, traveling to new places, walking in someone's home or business, just honestly taking time to get out of our familiar spaces and routines. Attending conferences or networking events has been a big one for us! It is so inspiring to be in a room full of like-minded people all hungry for more. More knowledge,  more connections, more experiences, and really just to become more than we already are. 
What advice do you have for aspiring #babeswhoboss?
Our advice is to DREAM FREAKING BIG. You can create whatever life you envision for yourself. Don't overthink things. Start NOW with what you have and pivot later. Done is better than perfect. 
Can you think of one challenge you faced before/when starting your business? How did that help you grow?
A big challenge we had was figuring out what direction we wanted to take our business in. When we first started we wanted to be all the things for everyone. But we have learned that when you try to be everything to everyone your message does not come across and your business becomes lost in the masses. We really had to try different things in our business and figure out what gaps in the industry we could fill. It took us about a year to really niche down and get specific about our goals. Once we narrowed it down and had a clear vision, purpose, and WHY our business started to grow more than ever before. 
Who is a #bossbabe you look up to?
Joanna Gaines hands down! She has figured out the balance between being rooted in who she is and building a successful & multi-faceted business. 

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