An Outfit for Your Sign

June 07, 2017

This season calls for dresses, legs, shoulders and flowy tops. The signs of the zodiac don’t want to miss out fashionable summer vibes! Fire, Earth, Air, and Water – these are the perfect outfits no matter your element.

Aries: You are the leader and the ruler of the zodiac. Your strong presence is enough to turn heads. This dress draped across your body like a cape adds just enough without taking away. These rings shine, just like your fiery spirit. Don’t forget a pendant with the first letter of your name on it.

Taurus: Taurus is our down-to-earth gal. You’re also a quiet flirt, Taurus. Something simple and feminine is in your comfort zone. Add a delicate bracelet to magnify your look. You’ve got a stubborn side, but if you’re feeling a little bold – this necklace is perfect for your earthy vibe.

Gemini: Here’s the thing, Gemini – you can rock whatever you want, and you know you can own it. You are classy and sassy, which probably has something to do with those Twins. A bold dress with a conservative twist is right up your alley. You are nothing short of unique from everyone else without even trying. These rings and a statement necklace are sure to start up a conversation.

Cancer: Cancer is our girl-next-door. Sweet, sensitive, and so independent. What’s better than a flowy top with roses for you sweet and sensitive side, alongside black capris and a leather bracelet for your independent side? This outfit leaves you flirtatious but also gives off the sense that you don’t beg for constant attention.

Leo: Leo’s just wanna have fun. You are basically royalty, Leo, and a dress like this reflects your spunk and passion for love and fun. Blacks and reds with eye-catching fancy earrings remind everyone who’s Queen for the Night. Wear this outfit in, out, at the beach, on a date or with your gal pals on a date night. You’re sure to turn heads everywhere you go.

Virgo: Virgo has too much on her mind to put together an entire outfit. That’s why a dress that says “Fashion without even trying” is what you need in your closet. Top off your easy-breezy dress with this bracelet. Instead of dealing with jewelry that gets in the way, try wearing it around your upper arm. Fashionable simplicity is in the house.

Libra: Libra’s are quite the fashionistas. She takes something practical and suddenly – voila! Magic ensues. A t-shirt dress with a tie-choker reminds all in your path that you know your Vogue. A big bag to keep books and journals in when your creativity strikes is a must-have for you, too. Don’t forget to dress up those ears. No stone goes unturned.

Scorpio: Oh, Sensual Scorpio. Sultry eyes with a storm deep in them. A deep red shirt to reflect your deep red devotion to all that drives you to keep that mind sharp will edify your mysterious soul. The heat that is sure to radiate off your stinger calls for a pair of shorts, black of course. These rings warn all that you don’t mess around.

Sagittarius: Vibrant colors for an exciting night whether you’re going out or staying in; this dress sums up Sagittarius. You’re on the go and ready for your next new adventure – a crossbody purse is a must in your closet. You have such a fun and interesting mind, discussing new topics and the trip you just planned tonight. What a dress to reflect your spirit.

Capricorn: Capricorn is all sophistication met with fun and fashion. You are the Woman in Charge with this halter. Add a charming necklace for personality, and white ripped jeans which are so in right now. You can get anything done in this outfit and look strong yet cute while doing it. Get to your next job in style!

Aquarius: Aquarius likes to stand out. What Aquarius is even better at is standing out while remaining one with the crowd. This bright, frilly shirt is sure to prove your point and charm while a pair of popular jeans keeps you grounded. Chokers are in – and you like to make sure your style is, too – but this choker is just different enough from everyone else’s for you to also keep being yourself.

Pisces: I know you want to live in your swimsuit all summer long, little mermaid. So, let’s give your free spirit something flowy and dainty. Pisces is feminine to the max, just like this dress with a subtle array of roses stitched in. A necklace with a touch of blue keeps your heart close to the ocean, and you end up looking like a walking beach.

Get ready for a sandy summer, warm nights and weekends in the mountains. Just don’t forget to be yourselves – by word and deed. What’s on the inside and outside can aid you in this endeavor.

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