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We are so happy to have you here..... here's our story, more to come soon. 

Just over a year ago, an idea was hatched on a little street in Salt Lake City, Utah. The drive, determination and vision of that team turned that idea into a shop where women could come to browse, shop and find ways to feel good and be themselves. That street, and now the inspiring women’s boutique, is called Hope Ave.

Throughout our first year, we realized that Hope Ave doesn’t just offer clothes or jewelry, but invokes the truly courageous feminine spirit that we so admire, one that is adventurous, eclectic, natural, and free.

The clothes are for creative, down-to-earth women who welcome wind in their hair, love to nestle in with friends at a café, and are hopeless romantics at heart. She’s eternally busy, but always has time for her crew. She’s the girl who breezes into the party with freshness, and adores the guy she came with. And the girl who travels the globe, yet smiles anew each time she returns home. She’s caring, passionate and hopeful. And she never gets trapped spending too much on her style.

It is this girl that we keep in mind as we buy. We offer her endless options within the boutique, so that even when she’s with her girls, they won't need to buy the same thing. Our very first boutique opened in Utah and the now rapidly expanding locations can be found in 7 cities across the West, where she will find a cozy and warm store to browse the collection.

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