Make a to-do list

Make a list that is realistic for your schedule and your needs. Categorize by works for you, and what are going to be realistic goals for you to accomplish. At Hope Ave one of our favorite parts of putting together the list, is making it cute. Here are a few of our favorite notepads for to-do lists (and both available in our stores)!

Get Everyone Involved

From roommates to families and everyone in between we know you have a full house right now. So, it makes the perfect time to assign, divide and conquer. We’ve loved reading how  Café Mom gets kids of all ages involved and what are appropriate tasks for them to be working on.

  • “Toddlers are great at focusing on one simple task at a time, so let them hang out with mom or dad while the cleaning is getting done to help out. They can hand someone a new dust rag or paper towel.”
  • “Ages 6-8, once children hit this age group, there a lot more chores that will be appropriate for them to conquer.”

Read the full post here – Spring Cleaning Tasks for Kids to Help With by Age

Clear the Clutter

It is up to your own discretion about how far you want to take this 😊 We’ve all seen the KonMari method and heard the motto, “Tidy your space, transform your life.”  Now whether you want to throw out everything that no longer brings you joy, or maybe take a slightly more relaxed approach and only throw the broken and 5-year-old items away is all up to you. Either way we’ve read and know about the positive effects of what clearing the clutter can do for your house and mind.

Feng Shui Cleaning Tips

We won’t try to be experts at Feng Shui, but we have a read a lot and narrowed down to three of our favorite articles on how to spring clean with Feng Shui right now;

Establish New Cleaning Habits

And finally, might we suggest taking this time to establish new cleaning habits for the upcoming weeks, months and year. Take what you’ve loved and commit to it for the rest of the year. We are positive you, your mind, your house won’t regret it.



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