1. Photo Booth

Create a backdrop and take photos inspired by the excitement of the new year! 

2. Releases and Resolutions

Write down 3 things you want to release/let go of from the year and 3 resolutions for the new year.  Toss out the releases and leave your resolutions somewhere you can see them each day.

3. Build an Epic Blanket Fort

Add twinkly lights, your favorite film, and popcorn and you have an NYE to remember

4. Truth or Dare Balloon Game

Put small pieces of paper with truths and dares in balloons and blow them up.  Pop to reveal your challenge.  Doubles as fun decor for the evening. 

5. Wall of Wishes

Grab sticky notes and write as little or as many wishes for the new year as your heart desires.  Manifest those good vibes into the universe!


  • Rachael said:


    December 30, 2020

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