5 Elements You Need to Create the Ultimate Charcuterie Board

1. A Cute New Outfit

We think a great night always starts off with feeling beautiful and confident.  This is your excuse to dress up a little!

2. Your Favorite Gal Pals

Laugh all night and enjoy some yummy food while sharing stories

3. Cheese Board

Create the prettiest table scape by getting creative and finding a wood cheese board, butcher paper or your favorite platter.

4. Variety

Crackers, cured meats, fruit, nuts- There are no rules here but we like to have a mix of savory and sweet

5. Foliage

A table isn’t complete without greenery elements- Our favorite go-to is trader joe’s eucalyptus. Give your scene some boho vibes by adding pampas grass.

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Great ideas! I love this. I will be using!

Veronica December 10, 2020

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